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Now, with the accessibility of SEO hosting, site owners can utilize a single cPanel user interface and control anywhere from five to 500 domains each on a separate dedicated IP address so that they are not connected with one another or with the very same owner. Now lets take a look at a few of the part of the entire seo hosting class c hosting plan and discuss what sets this type of Webhosting plan apart from your basic hosting plans. According to Wikipedia, An IP address serves two primary functions: host or network user interface recognition and area addressing. SEO Hosting offered by one of the leaders of Web Hosting and Miva Merchant Hosting Headquartered in Rockville, MD

The main idea of hosting on IPs from various C Classes is that there must be NO trace or link whatsoever in between the sites in our blog site farm/websites network through which Internet search engine filters might instantly trace down the entire network of websites and penalize it instantly. Multiple C Class I.P hosting, likewise referred to as S.E. Hosting (considering that it is aimed at S.E.), makes each site from your website network appear definitely distinct with absolutely nothing in typical.