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Ways to Be a Microsoft Excel Consultant Excel Consultants If you wish to be an Excel consultant, but you will not learn how to use Excel after dark beginner level you should determine where your overall skills set is, and depending on you'll want to determine how to start. Once which has been achieved you ought to get several things as a way one which just start to learn Microsoft Excel at the intermediate level. To start you should get a copy of Microsoft Excel 2010 (Windows) or 2011 (Mac). Both Excel 2007 and 2010 will both work, but 2010 has new features that are very powerful understanding that must be used. As such, keep with the newest version. 2011 work around the Mac, 2008 to the Mac doesn't have VBA, and so you should are employed in Office 2011.

The next phase is to buy several books on the way to use Excel. You will want beginner level books to start and intermediate level books once you've made some progress. Many books cover both. You will probably need to get a magazine or two on Excel VBA, again, a novice book and an intermediate book. John Walkenbach, Michael Alexander, and Bill Jelen write a few of the better books. You must stick with those in the meantime..

You will probably desire to join LinkedIn.Com. They've got free Excel and Excel VBA user groups to enable you to post questions. You can also check out MrExcel, Experts-Exchange, or VBA Express to work with their forums. Experts-Exchange does impose a fee, however it is the very best of these groups..

Additionally, you will wish to locate sites that have videos for the learning experience. You-Tube is a superb resource to learn Excel. Learning via video is a great method to quickly grasp an idea.

The next phase is so that you can grab your beginner level Excel books and to take a seat facing your computer with Microsoft Excel running. Open the first book and head to the 1st page. Repeat if required. Excel Consultants On your journey to being an Excel Consultant you may undoubtedly arrive at a stopping point that you have a very question. This will occur a great deal. Therefore you have to find a very good way of getting answers on your pending questions. Generally, if you can't discover the answer in any of one's Excel books, log into Google. Once online, type your question while using keywords that relate to your trouble, for example the best way to develop a PivotTable. Google will return 10 results per page, nevertheless the results might not have a better solution you would like. Or else, rephrase your question and submit again. Give this around 5 to 6 tries before abandoning Google.

If you are not able to get the answer via Google check out Experts-Exchange and check to your question there. Possibly the answer has become answered before which means you might discover your solution immediately. If no, post your question on their site. While you await the way to go to be provided visit LinkedIn.Com and look the Excel groups there, again looking for a solution to your question. In the event that also doesn't work, go to MrExcel and look the forums there. Once more, passing on 5 or 6 tries prior to deciding to give-up. Check back using the sites until your solution is posted one of these. You need to give video couple of hours. In case you have succeeded in doing so you need to get a remedy if you possibly could post your question correctly.

Basically you'll continue this process til you have thought we would stop learning. Knowing others that use Excel you can also ask them question as you go along. Talking to people at the office for there's help a great way to learn how to turn into a Microsoft Excel consultant.

Figuring out how to become an Excel Consultant is easy, but it needs time. And you will have many questions on the way. If you are using the advice above, you will see Excel well enough to be a n Excel consultant. It will take years, many years, but you will arrive. Just just how many years depend upon you, how quick you learn, and the way a lot of time you commit to learning. Excel Consultants Show patience, be persistent, seek help, and like the ride, you will quickly be an Excel consultant.