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SALESENVY REVIEW II. SALESENVY REVIEW – ABOUT SALESENVY SalesEnvy Review With strong connection ability via Internet, many businesses took advantage of the power of Skype software to make the main communication tool that is the software that specializes in voice chat and text chat. Skype is available on multiple platforms such as Windows, MacOS and on mobile platforms. Number of Skype users around the world is very large. With development and expansion purpose, Skype has provided some APIs to help software developers continue building on Skype foundation. In particular, the typical software is SalesEnvy.

SalesEnvy software is a compact, user-friendly interface with easy to use. Software was developed on both Windows and MacOS, which are 2 platform currently being used very popular. With protocol calls over VoIP, SalesEnvy helps you make high quality calls. Also, it also supports automatic dialing feature to save time. Call recording notes and appointments are one of the typical features. The next section of this review, I will present all the details of each feature.



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 Service calls over VoIP

VoIP is a popular protocol in communication and media. This protocol works on signal transmission mechanism across the network. Many interferers make signal quality decrease. However, with audio processing before receiving and transmitting function, Sales Envy eliminates much noise to ensure sound quality best transmitted.

With integrating calling ability in SalesEnvy, it becomes a communication tool extremely convenient and effective. Many businesses have installed this software in personal computers to be the main communication tool. SalesEnvy allows you to make the calls and unlimited call time with prices only $ 3.00 / month. Integrating into conversation feature as a phone book contacts helps save communication and quick search via keyword suggestions.

 Automatic dialing and call recording

For those who work directly with customers such as marketers, human resources management, secretary, making multiple calls is evident. In many cases, the work forces you to communicate with many people constantly with different content. You can imagine if you have to call repeatedly for 20 people, how much time for each call dialing is. If saving that period, you can do a lot of work. SalesEnvy gives you an automatic dial function. When you make a call fail, the next contact in the list will be filmed. Besides automatic dialing, Call Recording is one of the features that recorded conversations to better improve service quality of the business. SalesEnvy Review

 Constructing auto-responder switchboard

Constructing auto-responder operator for a company is sorely needed, especially if the company has multiple departments or branches. However, installing cost is extremely expensive. With SalesEnvy, you can absolutely install one like that with requirement to be a relatively good strong connection.

To build PBX system, you need to a script for your own company. Constructing scenarios should be based on company structure, departments, branches, and in each room, you need to have a device installed to SalesEnvy. SalesEnvy Bonus

 Appointments and reminders

For those who are working in secretarial positions, arranging appointments is extremely frequent and fatigue. However, with SalesEnvy, this work becomes simpler and lighter. To notes and arrange an appointment, you just need access to the right to make a calendar day. If that date has already been scheduled, you will receive a notification. Creating a note encloses reminders function. You can edit your notes. The appointment management is extremely easy task.